Proposed 2009 Budget & Vote


The Board is pleased to announce that the 2009 budget was approved with 82 votes ‘for’ and 35 votes ‘against ' , with a total of 117 votes. Accordingly, assessment notices will be mailed around the first week of January, 2009. The assessment amount ($60) will be due no later than February 28, 2009.

The Board extends their appreciation to those who voted.


The Board of Directors has recently prepared the 2009 budget. The proposed 2009 assessment amount will be $60.00, pending approval of the membership. Within the upcoming weeks, homeowners will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed budget, via mail-in ballots (postage-paid post cards). The Board then plans to mail the assessment notices during the first week of January, 2009. Please see the budget outline and most recent Board Meeting Minutes for additional details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Budget 2009