The Estates at Dove Run is a deed restricted community, with 298 upscale homes, located off of Rt. 299 in Middletown, DE. Our neighborhood is walking distance to Dove Run Shopping Center, Brick Mill Elementary, Middletown High School and just minutes from Route 1.


HOA Project Approval Process

As a reminder, lot owners are required to receive approval from the HOA prior to completing exterior projects (sheds, decks, fences, etc.). Such projects must be completed in a manner that is consistent with our Declaration of Deed Restrictions.  Please use our HOA Permit Application to submit your project approval request.  Upon receipt of the completed HOA Permit Application, we will send an approval letter for you to provide to Middletown’s Permits Department.  

Note:  Middletown’s Permits Department will not issue a building permit to anyone who has not submitted a project approval letter from the HOA.  Further, the HOA will not grant approval to those who are delinquent or have unresolved deed restriction violations.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tree Maintenance

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of trees on their properties, including the curb areas.   This is beyond the scope of the HOA as both sidewalks and curbs fall under public ownership, managed by Middletown.  Yet, upkeep of the area, including the sidewalk, the landscaped space between the sidewalk and road, including trees, and the stretch from the property line to the curb, is the responsibility of the property owner located adjacent to these spaces.  This is in accordance with Middletown’s Code of Ordinances – an excerpt of which appears below.  

In addition, lot owners can submit a complaint directly to Middletown by clicking on the following link: https://middletown.delaware.gov/departments/PermitsLicensing/Inspections/complaints

Payment Confirmation Inquiries

The HOA has received numerous inquiries from lot owners applying for mortgage or home equity loans.  To reduce the number of inquiries, we encourage lot owners to retain copies of their payment receipts (cancelled checks, PayPal statements), which they can provide to lending agencies as confirmation of HOA payment.   

In many cases, lenders may request copies of our annual Assessment Notices.  You can download the most recent notice from our website.  

HOA Meeting Minutes (12-12-23)

Takeaways from the Annual HOA Meeting:

  1. Residents should report public safety/nuisance issues (loitering, abandoned vehicles, etc.) directly to the Middletown Police Department, via their non-emergency number (302-573-2800).
  2. In accordance with Section 6 of our Declaration of Deed Restrictions, trash receptacles should not be placed in public areas prior to 24 hours of pickup. Further, residents should remove trash receptacles on the same day as trash pickup.

Please see the 2023 Meeting Minutes and the 2023 ARC Report for additional information.

HOA Meeting Minutes (12/15/2022)

Electronic Payments of HOA Dues

We are pleased to announce that lot owners have the option of submitting HOA payments, via PayPal, by clicking the Online Dues Payment Link.

HOA Meeting Minutes: 12/9/2021

Please see attached documents for additional details.

Deed Restriction Issues

Recently, the HOA has noted various deed restriction infractions within our development. The most common problem areas are trampolines and basketball goals.

According to Article VI, Section 14, of the Declaration of Restrictions, “no trampolines of any kind whatsoever shall be erected or maintained on any lot.”

Lot owners are also reminded that (unattended) basketball goals are prohibited, according to Article VI, Section 18 of the Declaration of Restrictions: “No basketball goals shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot at any time, except for a maximum of one permanently installed goal located in the driveway. Any and all basketball playing shall be permitted from 9:00 a.m. to sundown.”

In addition, the HOA has noticed that several lot owners have installed permanent basketball (fixed) goals near public areas, such as sidewalks and curbs. This is also a violation of Middletown Ordinance § 103-1 (Placement on roadways and sidewalks restricted): “It shall be unlawful for any person to place, store, or keep upon any street or public sidewalk any portable, stationary, or fixed object, including, but not limited to basketball poles…”

This is the link for Middletown Ordinances: https://ecode360.com/13936830

Note:  The HOA may not be aware of certain deed restriction violations.  Therefore, we encourage lot owners to submit any deed restriction issue to our attention.  We will maintain your anonymity and will actively pursue enforcement of the restrictions.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.